Call for Applicants: Graduate Research Fellowship for Fieldwork in/related to Asia

The IAR is pleased to offer one-time fellowships to graduate students of the University of British Columbia who need to travel to Asia (or significant research collections) for their PhD or MA research theses or to present papers at conferences (following acceptance). Fellowships will be in the range of $500–$3000 per student.

Please write a one-page application including:

  1. Why this research trip is important to your progress toward your MA or PhD thesis
  2. Why you need the funding
  3. A rough budget on how you plan to use this funding
  4. The name/email of your supervisor who may be contacted by the Committee
  5. Your current CV

Applications are due Wednesday, May 17 by 5:00PM.

Applications may be submitted electronically to Tina Liu at tina.liu (at)

For further inquiries, please contact Professor Timothy Cheek at t.cheek (at)

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