Celebrating 20 Years of the C.K. Choi Building

On Wednesday, February 8th, IAR celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the C.K. Choi building.



IAR was founded in 1978, and relocated into the C.K. Choi Building in 1996. The building was the first of its kind on the UBC campus with its sustainable design and use of recycled material. A number of the best practices also ensured that the building would have minimized impact on the environment through the reduction of water and energy use. Guests were encouraged to roam all throughout the building, finding its unique features, as well as familiarizing themselves with IAR’s 5 centres and 3 programs.

IAR Building Facts in other Languages


It was, moreover, under President David Strangway, that an extraordinary and visionary effort was unleashed to endow the Institute with a state-of-the art building, and endowments and resources for its centres and Chairs. President Strangway unfortunately passed away in December and during the event, we were able to hear from Larry Sproul, Former director of the International Liaison Office, about the President.

Former Director of the IAR, Paul Evans, had also shared some thoughts with the IAR community prior to the event: Dr. Paul Evans on President David Strangway


A Poem by C.K. Choi.

The Eastern soil embodies the ancient traditions, while the Western way embraces the latest technology.
As the five continents gather more closely, the whole world beats to the rhythm of one heart.
Hundreds of schools of thought vie in healthy competition, as thousands of diverse bells toll in harmony.
Now our diverse cultures merge closer in heart and spirit, let there be peace in our world forever more!

Cheung-Kok Choi
(English translation of a poem by Dr. Cheung-Kok Choi that has been inscribed onto one of the bell’s panels.)


Photos of the event can be found below: