Centre for Asian Legal Studies Seminar

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This event is co-sponsored by UBC Centre for Asian Legal Studies and Centre for Japanese Research.

Labour Law Reform: “Work Style Reform 2018 in Japan”

By: Chikako Kanki (Associate Professor, Rikkyo University in Japan)

In light of the declining working population, Japan’s latest key policy is to promote work style reform – especially combating low wages of nonregular workers and long-time working culture. This talk will focus on the amendment of working time legislation and the policy for raising minimum wages.

Succession Law Reform: “Inheritance Law Amendment in Japan, 2018”

By: Koji Kanki (Attorney at Law, Ministry of Justice, Japan)

In July 2018, the Amended Act on the Inheritance law ( a part of the Civil Code) was passed in Japan. It is a big reform and Mr. Koji KANKI was one of the main staffs of the reform team in the MOJ, and he will speak on the gist of this reform.

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