China’s Rise: Consequences for China and for the World

About the Speakers

Professor Qin Hui 秦晖 is Professor of History at Tsinghua University, Beijing. His research has covered several fields in economic history, social history and the history of ideas. He has published more than twenty books including Fields and Garden Poetry and Rhapsodies (田园诗与狂想曲), Ten Treatises on Tradition (传统十论), Out of the Imperial System (走出帝制), Common Baseline (共同的底线), Issues and Isms (问题与主义), Revelations from South Africa (南非的启示).

Dr. David Kelly leads research at China Policy, with main responsibility for the geopolitics team. Over thirty years his work has ranged widely across issues affecting China’s economic, political, and social institutions. These threads combine in his current work on China’s strategic positioning, political risk and the external impact of domestic policy. He models policy risk with the aid of a three dimensional paradigm: legacy issues specific to Chinese history; ‘deep troubles’ that all policies seek to address; and China’s official belief system, the unspoken accompaniment of policy development. His close engagement with academic and research institutions in China affords him access to the conversation on governance and reform among the government’s senior advisors.

Dr. Kelly is also a regular media commentator on Chinese affairs including for the BBC, the ABC, the Financial Times, Al Jazeera, Sky News and Voice of America. He is a visiting professor at Peking University. He holds a PhD from the University of Sydney.

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