Into the Silicon Valley North: Film Screening and Panel Discussion

‘Into the Silicon Valley North’: Canada’s Opportunity in Global Creative Industries and How China Contributes to B.C.’s Growing Tech Sector

Independent documentary ‘Into the Silicon Valley North’ digs into Vancouver’s burgeoning tech sector and explores how global talents are contributing to this fast-growing ecosystem. Four young Chinese millennials, from international students to tech entrepreneurs, their stories represent a new generation of global citizens that might not be familiar to the mainstream public.


BIOGRAPHIES – Featured Millennial Tech Leaders

Frank Shen  /  Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Archiact
Archiact is a full service virtual reality studio. It is North America’s biggest researcher and developer in VR gaming market and top mobile VR developer in the world.

Jin Fan  /  President, GWS Displays
GWS Displays is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s leading transparent LED displays. It is the visual solution provider for Canada’s National Arts Centre’s renovation project.

Vincent Yang  /  CEO, H+ Technology
H+ Technology create immersive holographic experiences that utilize gestures, voice and other forms of interaction. It is the creator of the world’s first 3D interactive tabletop holographic experience platform – Holus.

Jingyi Zhang  /  CEO, Pixel Light Effects
Pixel Light Effects brings further innovation to 3D scanning based on photogrammetry. By installing the entire system inside a truck, Pixel provides a unique mobile shooting services to its clients all over the world.

Yuji Zhang  /  Producer, Orient Star Media
Yuji Zhang is the director and writer of Into the Silicon Valley North. She is an experienced journalist and researcher in political economy of transcultural communication. She also serves as the industry research director of the Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival.


Dr. Yves Tiberghien / Director, Institute of Asian Research, UBC

Derek Chen / President & Co-founder, Archiact

Vincent Yang / CEO, H+ Technology

Jingyi Zhang / CEO, Pixel Light Effects

Yuji Zhang  /  Producer, Orient Star Media

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