Neighbors: A Discussion of Regional Clichés & Impressions

We sometimes hear regional clichés or impressions in our daily life. Some of them may even make us feel uncomfortable. In a metropolis with huge diversity, we inevitably, more or less, face the situations when we are represented by the region where we come from. Some of these regional stereotypes could make us impressive, but some of them make us uncomfortable. Meanwhile, regional stereotypes portrayed in media could be exaggerated, which, on the one hand, make us get to know those regions better, but, on the other hand, could provoke stereotyped impression toward the people from that region.
How do we understand the root of regional stereotypes? What could be the consequences of regional stereotypes?

On Wednesday, November 29, join us in an discussion at C. K. Choi Building to exchange your views. We hope to promote understanding as well as critical thinking through sharing and listening to personal stories that shaped who we are today.

*The event is FREE and light refreshments will be provided.
**We encourage you to use the language you are most comfortable with. We will provide translation in the event.

About UBC Hua Dialogue

Established in 2014, UBC Hua Dialogue is a student-led platform for discussions of social, cultural and political issues related to the Hua-communities. Our value is “listen, share, respect” and we welcome students of all background and identities to join us.

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來UBC Hua Dialogue 對話,創造對話的可能性吧!在這個用國語/英語/粵語/其他讓你最舒服的語言交流的平臺,希望我們青年一代可以探索更多,敞開心懷,獨立思考,發出自己的聲音。
11月29日,在老地方C. K. Choi Building,我們不見不散。