Discussing Problems and Solutions for Peace and the Role of Space Energy on Development


Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on peace and development with Waheed Waheedulla, Peacebuilding & Conflict Management Advisor to the United Nations.

The world today is undergoing very troubled times. People, from the West to East and from North to South, are all engaged in an ineffective struggle to deliver humanity from the evils of war and terrorism, poverty and hunger, lack of drinking water, diseases, climate change and global warming, polluted energy and proliferation of nuclear weapons.

A big and bold question arises as to why this still is the very disappointing case; why have all human efforts have led to a total fiasco up to now?

It is indeed the answer to this very fundamental question which constitutes the focus of Waheed Waheedulla’s presentation.

Speaker: Dr. Waheed Waheedullah