The Potential for an Indigenous Policy Under the Constitution of Japan

The Japanese government recognized the Ainu people as Indigenous People of Japan in 2008 and is now working on to develop comprehensive Ainu policies. The lecture deals with the possibility of special policy measures for the Indigenous Ainu under the Japanese Constitution which has no articles recognizing the presence of any ethnic minorities nor group rights but has individual pursuit of happiness and equal protection clauses.


About the Speaker:

Professor Teruki Tsunemoto

Hokkaido University

Director, Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies, Professor of Constitutional Law, School of Law Hokkaido University, Professor Tsunemoto has a Ph.D in Law Hokkaido University Law School. After joining Hokkaido Law, he served as Special Assistant to the President and Dean of the Law School. He is the founding Director of the Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies since 2007. He currently serves as Chair of Working Committee of National Council for Ainu Policy Promotion.


A light lunch will be provided.

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