IAR Welcomes Three New Senior Fellows

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Phil Calvert, Margaret Cornish, and Dr. Evan Due as senior fellows at the Institute of Asian Research.

Phil Calvert Margaret Cornish 

Dr. Phil Calvert was most recently the Canadian Ambassador to Thailand, Cambodia and Lao PDR. He served as Deputy Head of Mission in the Canadian Embassy in Beijing (2004-2008). From 2008-2012, as Director General in Ottawa, he managed Canada’s overall trade and political relations with North Asia (China, Japan, Korean peninsula, Hong Kong, Mongolia and Taiwan).

Margaret Cornish is planning to work on projects that will deepen the understanding of Canadians with respect to China especially with respect to our trade and investment relationship. She has been approached to work on sector-based trade studies in Canada. Her interests extend more broadly to explaining and deepening the knowledge and understanding of China’s rise as a regional and world power and its growing leadership role in global affairs.

Dr. Evan Due is a policy research and management consultant. He currently serves as senior advisor to the China Development Research Foundation in Beijing China. He has more than 25 years’ experience in international relations, development, and socio-economic analysis.