Room Booking

Booking Rooms at the C.K. Choi Building
1855 West Mall
Vancouver, B.C.  V6T 1Z2

karen.jew (at)
604 822 4688

Room 129 (Seminar Room): Accommodates up to 12 people seated. Other equipment: podium, tables, chairs, coat rack, Smart Board, Wi-Fi

Room 120 (Conference Room): Accommodates up to 50 people seated. Other equipment: podium, tables, chairs, built-in screen, sound system, overhead projector, white board, coat rack, Wi-Fi

Lounge: Accommodates 100 seated, 130 standing. Other equipment: tables, chairs, whiteboards, coat rack, sink, bar area, fridge, dishwasher, Wi-Fi

Seminar Room 129
Conference Room 120

Room Booking Policy

Rooms 120 (conference room), 129 (seminar room), and first floor lounge in the C.K. Choi Building are open for use by those with regular offices in the building. IAR units will be given priority when there are competing requests at the time of booking. Room requests by other units housed in the Choi Building are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

To optimize the effective management and use of Rooms 120, 129, and lounge in the C.K. Choi Building, the following room booking guidelines will be followed:

  1. The first commitment is to provide classroom space for our graduate programs.
  2. The second commitment is to support IAR units and first and third floor units’ activities.
  3. The third commitment is to support Asia‐related events from other UBC units and external organizations.
  4. The fourth commitment is to host non‐Asia related events from other UBC units and external organizations (bookings will be accepted no more than one month in advance of their occurrence).
  5. Blank block bookings will not be allowed

All booking parties must review and accept the following terms:

For every event, a “point person” must be identified. The “point person” will liaise with IAR’s Room Booking Coordinator.


  1. Guests are responsible for arranging all food and beverage needs. No food or drink is allowed (other than water) in the meeting rooms.
  2. We encourage clients to make Scholar’s Catering their first choice. However, you may contract an outside caterer for your events.
  3. Environmental sustainability is a part of UBC’s strategic plan Place & Promise and as the university’s first sustainable building, we request that you are environmentally responsible when serving food. You can do this by:
    1. Asking your caterer to provide reusable or larger containers for items such as sugar and cream, avoiding single‐use packets;
    2. Using reusable dishes (e.g. for smaller meetings, encourage people to bring their own mug) and cutlery or paper plates as these can be composted; and
    3. Avoiding Styrofoam.
  4. If you are hosting a large sit‐down event, you will need to make the necessary arrangements for additional tables and chairs.
  5. Alcohol may only be served in the lounge if the event coordinator has obtained a Special Occasion License and the “Serving it Right” certification. License and certificate must be prominently displayed during event. (Note: Submit your Request Form to the appropriate signing authority at least 30 days before the date of the event.)
  6. Please ensure a compost (green) bin is used when food is served. Contact UBC Building Operations to deliver a compost bin. Note that ALL food waste, paper plates, and napkins may be composted. Here is a full list of compostable items.
    1. You are responsible for taking the green bin outside to the north end of the building upon completion of your event.

Use of C.K. Choi Building Space

  1. Users that stay longer than the agreed upon time will be charged the applicable room rental fee for each additional hour or portion thereof.
  2. Users serving refreshments must clean up before leaving. Dirty dishes, mugs, and cutlery must be put in the dishwasher. This includes throwing all trash into the garbage bin and compostables in green bins (which are then taken outside to the north end of the building), wiping tables clean, and doing anything else to put the space back into the state in which it was found. Failure to do so will result in a cleaning fee equivalent to that of your deposit.
  3. Users of the above facilities are welcome to use the items located in the meeting rooms and lounge (e.g. projector, coat rack, whiteboard, and lectern), but are responsible for bringing their own additional equipment, such as laptops, supplies, and consumables.
  4. Tables and chairs in the Rooms 120 and 129 may be moved to suit seating arrangements of particular users. Prior approval from the Room Booking Coordinator is required before moving furniture out of rooms. As for the lounge, tables and chairs must be returned to its original arrangement. It is the responsibility of the event organizers to arrange the tables and chairs prior to and after event.
  5. The Choi Building main doors are unlocked from 8:00 AM to 4:45 PM Monday to Friday, and are locked at all other times, including statutory and UBC holidays. For security reasons, users may NOT leave the main doors ajar for longer than two minutes as this would set off the alarm. If your event extends beyond these hours, Campus Security needs be alerted for the doors to be pre-progammed to stay unlocked.
  6. Please be advised that users may not post / tack / staple / tape anything on the acoustic panels (cloth-covered panels on the walls) nor on any other walls or windows. Bulletin boards and white boards are available for posting.
  7. Users and their guests must refrain from asking the C.K. Choi Building staff to make any phone calls (e.g. taxis, reservations, etc.) Users also may not use the work stations (computers / printers / phones) of any faculty / staff member in the Choi Building, as this disrupts their work and can introduce security risks.
  8. In accordance with UBC regulations, no smoking is allowed anywhere inside the Choi Building, especially in the washrooms, as well as within either metres of the building entrances and windows. Cigarette butts thrown down the compost toilets will kill the bacteria responsible for composting the waste and would cause the system to malfunction.
  9. We are not responsible for the loss of or damage to any property of guest or for personal injuries suffered by a guest while inside the building.

Payment and Fees

Rates are available upon request with Karen Jew (karen.jew [at]

Cancellations made within one week prior to the event will result in a 50% loss on your deposit. Cancellations made with 24 hours or less will result in 100% loss of the deposit.

Please indicate your method of payment in the Room Booking Form. If you are paying with a UBC Journal Voucher, please note that the room rental deposit and fees must be received two weeks prior to the scheduled booking.

If you are paying by cheque, the room rental deposit is required to secure the room. You will be invoiced before your event for all other charges.

View and submit the room booking form here >>