Report on Canadian Public Attitudes on China & Canada-China Relations


At a time of global turbulence and at the mid-way point of a Liberal government facing significant decisions about the direction and pace of developing bilateral relations with China, there are signs of growing public support for deeper economic relations and partnerships coupled with significant anxiety about greater Chinese military activities and its expanding presence inside Canada.


Qualtrics panel survey of 1,519 Canadian adults (18+); adjusted to match the latest census data on age, gender, and region; in the field August 30 to September 12, 2017; margin of error +/– 3%; median completion time of 15 minutes.  The survey was conducted in English only.

In total, 14 demographic questions (including party affiliations/support) and 60 on substantive matters and preferences.

About this report:

The substantive questions are presented first, followed by the demographic questions. In each case, the wording of the question is presented as it was shown to the respondents, together with a table summarizing the results. A graph shows at a glance what the question was about. The wording in some of them has been simplified.

Public Release: October 17, 2017

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