Work Learn W17: Events Coordinator, Centre for Japanese Research

Job ID: 840328

The Centre for Japanese Research (CJR), one of the five regional research centres under the Institute of Asian Research (IAR), has the mandate to promote research on a wide variety of topics dealing with Japan and its relationship to the world community. As part of its research activities, CJR organizes and hosts cross-disciplinary series of seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences on topics related to Japan. Speakers include both visitors to the CJR as well as UBC faculty members. CJR in its aim to further its academic and scholarly exchanges also welcomes and supports personal and organizational interaction with government, civic and the private sector. The Centre also accepts visiting researchers and scholars from universities, governments and international organizations thereby enriching its intellectual community and engagement. For the academic year, CJR will host several large-scale international conferences, including a video game conference, robotic technology conference and a conference on the free trade issue among USA, Canada and Japan. These conferences are large-scale events, most often taking place over two days and attracting more than 100 participants from all throughout Canada, the USA, Europe and Japan.

The CJR Events Coordinator will work closely with the CJR Director to plan and carry out planning, logistical preparations for this conference and the efficient and streamlined execution of these conferences. These initiatives form part of the CJR mandate of supporting and enhancing research activities related to Japan at the University of British Columbia.

Application Deadline: August 13, 2017

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